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Above are some examples that even "Inferior" ugly short fat men from the third world can date, fuck even marry pretty women and elegant ladies. My friend: so CAN you!

Testimonials From Our Customers

Tom Howitz

Hi Bad boy, what a wonderful journey it's been! I think I was the first German to buy "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" from you (Do you remember you mentioned it in a comment?). Just let you know that I applied techniques on a woman I had a huge crush on in colleage 2 years ago and was too afraid to talk to; Guess what happened? She is now my gf, because I demonstrated masculinity, alpha and domineering characteristics, all thanks to your coaching. From my heart! Unbelievable how much difference the mindset change it makes! I actually feel more like a man and it feels right now, she also feels comfortable being in a feminine role. Tremendous thanks Bad boy! Regards, Tom

Jack, UK

Hey Bad boy, I recently bought "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" and it really made sense with regards to pretty women, how to handle inappropriate behaviour, and other techniques.

I have been dating a woman for around five months and in the beginning everything was cool, lots of sex etc, very physical, and I would put my foot down when I wasn't happy with her behaviour etc. After 5 months, sex hasn't stopped but isn't as harmonic as before, and she can be bossy and demanding at times, and feels comfortable in yelling F words at me, your advice on retreat techniques is a valuable treasure, will try that definitely. I wonder sometimes that I have relaxed a bit too much and she has taken it for granted that I have no interest in her, I don't love her. Like if I do something she doesn't like, I get ultimatums like "WTF, I'm going home" – "You're dumped", etc. which are empty threats I know, meanwhile she says she still loves me. I think your tactics and theories written in this book are really outstanding and I will use them. One thing – any idea, she talks about how hot other men are on shows and programms pretty much, but when I do the same thing she gets quickly annoyed? It's not a big deal most of the time as I shrug it off but can get a little dull sometimes.. Please continue to deliver amazing articles, great poducts and techniques.


The products on this website are the REAL deal and have changed the game dramatically for me! Thanks to Bad boy and the techniques demonstrated in "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" and dating power as well as many practical tricks, my results with women are off the charts! I never had serious girl problems but I knew there were definitely gaps in my "game" where I could improve. Implenting the formula from "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" and now understanding HOW women enjoy being touched, I find myself being a much better seducer and overall person. Major props to Bad boy and the team at Dates Great for changing my whole life thoroughly.

Mario Nobeta

Hi Bad boy, Parrot and Ben

Thanks for all the effort you have been done all these years, a true milestone you have made in the history of man kind. All thanks to you guys that I know better about myself and about women and am enjoying my love life! Dudes, you people are COOL!

Thanks, lots of thanks!!!

Zhou Liang, CA

I'm a Chinese Amercan, in 2010 I was naturalized an American citizen. I work at a high-tech company located in San Fransisco where there are huge numbers of open-minded beautiful white girls, but I have never had the chances to fuck those tall plump blondes since I am a short skinny Chink with a big flat face and typical Asian "sleepy" eyes. I thought I can't make my dream come true in this life, until one day I came across your website and purchased the book "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?", and later attend the online multimedia sex training course on your website watching many free videos there. I deem I've learnt a lot lot that makes my eyes wide open, incredbly intuitive and effective!

I was recently dumped by a latina and while looking forward to new relationship, I did not want to make any mistakes (or make only few mistakes) this time. Again, was not sure what mistakes I might have made first time around. "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" helped me see my past mistakes (also what I did right) and why I screwed up. Long story short, I have a shortlist of some 8-10 beautiful attractive women to choose from at this time and all of them are 'keen' on me. Just yesterday evening I banged a big plum blonde with big saggy boobs. Oh yeah! Thanks for the wonderful book and your gorgeous team!



Hey Bad boy,

You have truly opened up my eyes and I have seen and experienced what it's like to cross over from being an absolute failure with women to having most women desire my dick. I am starting to reach the point now where I can attract most women that take my fancy. Currently I live with a beautiful gf who constantly endeavor to please me and also wants to marry me. Frankly she's awesome! Your programs helped me to gain so much confidence that I no longer shy away from girls and I know how to eventually handle them. Many women around me actually want to become my gf, what an amazing feeling! Just want to say thank you because your great book is a real deal, a real game changer!


Leisly, Australia

Hey, what's up Bad boy? Just want to let you know I have experienced some tremendous progress after reading your splendid book "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" and watching the sex training videos on your website. Just about every chick at my work place is into me, this was so awesome for me at first. My only problem is that I want women from outside places such as classes, malls, public means of transport or the streets (this is because I meet with extremely hot chicks after work. I know you have instructed us how to interact with chicks in bar environments and maybe supermarkets, or rather a place that you are in one setting, but at the moment I am not in the position to go to a bar or enroll in a class or something. I've had sex with approximately one new chick monthly, but I want to start picking up women in many different places, because I like things new and enjoy that kind of thrilling sense. How should I go about this?

Best Wishes!

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