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Above are some examples that even "Inferior" ugly short fat men from the third world can date, fuck even marry pretty women and elegant ladies. My friend: so CAN you!

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At the age of information explosion, everybody is busy, goes fast, eats fast... We have customized this book so that it won't take you big chunks of time to read to ponder, it's actually modularized – you can pick whatever you're interested in to read, every subject is broken down into small pieces you can use on the spot.

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We always focus on helping our customers improve their fundamentals that's the key to success in dating world. Instructions step by step to ensure you go through the whole seduction procedure till the ultimate sex.

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As you know, dating is only the means, sex is the ultimate purpose: dating is the means to an end – TO FUCK HER. Moreover having a satisfactory sex for both parties(you and her) is paramount but far from easy in any case, that's why we put Sex Training Course "TAO OF SEX" in Members Area of this website.

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