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Above are some examples that even "Inferior" ugly short fat men from the third world can date, fuck even marry pretty women and elegant ladies. My friend: so CAN you!

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We will show you the secret of seduction - Real World, Tested and True Dating Advice for men, especially useful for those who are not rich, not tall, not handsome...

  • What on earth attracts women?
  • How do you get her smartphone number without being rejected?
  • What kind of first dates really work, and what do not?
  • What exactly is the friend zone, and how to avoid it?
  • Why a lot of excellent men fail in dating women too?
  • How to turn on a girl to make her desire sex with you ASAP?
  • ...
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In the book "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?", you can find countless examples about how to start conversation, how to sext and how to touch women where I explain the TAO of effortlessly seducing and hooking up with women for sex and further relationship...

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Among them are ordinary workers, students, businessmen, management consultants, doctors, marketers, engineers, pastors, executives, journalists and Average Johns. Our loyal readers are across five continents all over 67 countries such as Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A, Argentina, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, U.K., Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, etc. By the way, to your surprise is around 10% of our customers are WOMEN, UNBELIEVABLE! Click the button below "Add to Cart" to buy it now.

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Those loyal customers read it carefully and practice diligently, plus the timely and effective interaction with us, so that their love lives have been unprecedentedly changed. Yes, my friend the next will be YOU!

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As you know, dating is only the means, sex is the ultimate purpose: dating is the means to an end – TO FUCK HER. Moreover having a satisfactory sex for both parties(you and her) is paramount but far from easy in any case, that's why we put Sex Training Course "TAO OF SEX" in Members Area of this website.

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Years training work makes we know well that multimedia teaching has the best effect. Most important is all these are FREE for readers who have bought this book.

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A considerate and effective online help is paramount for many men especially those social beginners to achieve success in their dating journeys. Don't worry, we are with you, listen to you and give you our advice and expertise. Yes, for our registered users it's FREE too.

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